The 5C framework is built upon, and continues to be supported by, an extensive body of research in sport psychology, and practitioners’ work with these concepts in practice.

Take a look at the examples, below, detailing evidence of the 5Cs in both academic and applied settings.

The 5Cs in action

The 5Cs launch

In August 2017 Professor Chris Harwood launched the 5Cs at our event held at Loughborough University. View our launch presentation below.

The 5Cs in the literature

Harwood, C.G. (2008). Developmental consulting in a professional soccer academy: The 5C’s coaching efficacy program. The Sport Psychologist, 22, 109-133.

Harwood, C.G., Barker, J.B., & Anderson, R. (2015). Psychosocial development in youth soccer players: Assessing the effectiveness of the 5C’s intervention program. The Sport Psychologist, 29, 319–334.

5Cs downloadable resources

Take a look below at some of the 5C materials that have been developed to help support young athletes to develop important psycho-social skills.