About the 5Cs

The 5Cs framework is represented by the skills and qualities of Commitment, Communication, Concentration, Control and Confidence. These concepts are built upon an extensive body of research in sport psychology, and youth sport psychologists work with these concepts on a regular basis in their practice

We have created this website, and the 5Cs initiative, to help coaches, parents and athletes thrive in sport and through the challenges that sport offers. Sport imposes not only physical and technical, but also mental, emotional and social demands on young athletes. When they understand and embrace such demands, then they begin to develop coping skills that enable them not only to thrive in sport, but also to transfer such learning to other life domains – school, family, work, hobbies, social settings – and the relationships that matter in each of these domains

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The 5Cs is a program aimed at increasing your awareness of psychological and social skills that can be introduced to your players through the medium of your coaching.

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The role of a parent in sport is as multidimensional as it is demanding. Make no mistake – parents are significant stakeholders in youth sport.

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Players and students

The 5Cs of commitment, communication, concentration, control and confidence represent important mental and social skills that young players have the opportunity to develop through their football and other sports.

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Beyond this website and the information we provide to educate you about the 5Cs, we offer a variety of face to face workshops aimed at coaches and parents who wish to start their 5C education journey, or to continue their own personal and professional development.

We can also offer bespoke one-to-one support and services for your overall club development programme.

In the meantime you may find our new book for youth coaches helpful to get you started.

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