Who we are

The 5Cs framework is represented by the skills and qualities of Commitment, Communication, Concentration, Control and Confidence. These concepts are built upon an extensive body of research and are used by sport psychologists working within youth sport.

We created the 5Cs to help athletes, coaches, parents, and practitioners understand and embrace the demands placed upon them to thrive in and outside of the sport environment.

What we do


Increase your awareness of the psychological and social skills that can be developed through your coaching.


Shape the development of the psychological and social qualities essential for your child’s sports participation.


Develop high-quality psychological and social skills through training to help you achieve your sporting goals.


Use the 5Cs within your practice to support young athletes to develop essential psychological and social qualities.

Our partners

For over a decade we are proud to have partnered with a number of world-leading organisations and teams, supporting young athletes in these settings to develop high-quality psycho-social skills that have enabled them to thrive in their sport.