Being a football parent can be extremely tough. It’s often hard to know just how involved to be in your child’s football experience. You get wrapped up in the experience along with your child. Yet at the same time you hold considerable power to determine whether your child enjoys their football, feel successful, motivated and in control of that they do.

When asked “Why do you play football?” the top three answers children often give are: “I love playing football because it’s fun”; “Trying my hardest is more important to me than winning”, and “It’s a really good game and I love it!” Yet add in parents, coaches and pressure from peers into the equation and youth football can still be a high-stakes and highly pressurised environment. There is a huge strain placed upon your child’s ability to remain motivated, stay confident, interact with others and regulate themselves. It is therefore important for young footballers to develop skills necessary to face the challenges and pressures in order to remain committed, to communicate effectively with others, concentrate on the right thing at the right time, stay in control of their emotions and have unshakeable confidence in themselves. Collectively these are known as the 5Cs.


These skills reflect the key motivational, self-regulatory and interpersonal abilities that are indicative properties of mentally tough and leadership-intelligent players. Shaping these qualities from a young age is a significant and valuable undertaking, and one which you can play a significant role.