The ‘Developing the Cs’ diary series has been developed in order to help your child to reflect on their 5C experiences from their training sessions, the skills they practiced, how well they showed their 5C behaviours, as well as to introduce and practice a few skills related to developing their understanding about the 5Cs. The objective here is to give your child the feeling that they have really grown as a result of the programme and instil an underlying belief in them that if you value effort and trying hard then you will improve and achieve.

Each diary has a 6 week programme for your child to work through. Each week has two sections: a learning zone and a practice zone. Neither section should require considerable time commitments and should be completed at the end of each training week.

There are currently 5 player diaries that have been developed aimed at developing the 5Cs. Each of these diaries stand in isolation and as a continuous series. The diaries we offer are:

Developing the committed player

This diary is focused on developing commitment skills, specifically building an internal drive to work hard, approach difficult challenges and persist in the face of difficulty, all aimed at personal development.

Developing the supportive player

This diary is focused on developing communication skills, specifically how they provide information, support and encourage their teammates, as well as how they receive this information. Non-verbal elements of communication are also covered.

Developing the focused player

This diary is focused on developing concentration skills, specifically identifying what to focus on, maintaining focus, managing distractions and developing a personal pre-performance routine.

Developing the controlled player

This diary is focused on developing control skills, specifically remaining positive, bouncing back from mistakes and energizing for optimum performance by introducing your child to strategies such as self-talk and relaxation.

Developing the confident player

This diary is focused on developing confidence skills, specially developing a positive attitude, building on personal accomplishments, praising and reinforcing teammates, and introducing your child to the power of imagery.

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