From the Field:
“Every time we made a mistake we had to go out of the grid and we would have to say positive things and I had to tell myself not to worry and to relax and try my best. When I was ready to go back in I would shout “I’m Back!” to the coach and give him a thumbs up.” Under 11 Academy Player

An essential quality for both sport and life, self-control is characterised by a player’s ability to regulate their thoughts, feelings and emotions (e.g., anxiety) in order to manage their behaviour and performance. Players with expert control know how to apply, direct, and ration their available mental and emotional energy in response to a specific situation, event, or task on and off the pitch. Such players remain composed yet alert, implement breathing and other relaxation techniques, and display positive, helpful reactions to themselves and others following mistakes, poor officiating decisions and other game events. This ‘C’ represents how well the player manages him or herself before and during performance in ways that help them to perform to mentally and physically optimum levels.

Click on the video below to hear one player’s opinion on control.