From the Field:
“I froze the drill and asked them to tell me what they were thinking, doing or about to do at that precise moment. Where was their attention? Were they talking to a teammate, ball watching, running into space etc?” Under 12 Academy Coach

The third ‘C’ in the framework is concentration. This is essentially a player’s ability to focus on the most performance-relevant information (internally and externally) at the right time and for the required length of time. It is characterised by players who focus on a task through to a conclusion and stay focused on key components of a task in the midst of many potential distractions that compete for their attention. Concentration skills are tested in players when on the ball, off the ball and between breaks in play, and refocusing on positional responsibilities is a consistent mental demand. Concentration is strongly linked to a player’s self-control (our fourth C) – and of course both of these qualities can rely heavily on the level of a player’s commitment and communication.

Here’s one players’ views on concentration and its importance to his performance.