From the Field:
“I used to get told to communicate more, but I never knew what to say. Now I do! I even got into competitions with [another player] to see who could be the loudest and most helpful during trainings and matches to help us do better.” Under 13 Academy Player

Building on the foundation of commitment is communication. Communication represents a player’s ability to relate to others (e.g., teammates, coaches, parents) through how they send and receive information to and from each other. It is an interpersonal quality that is characterised by players who share information, praise their peers, ask helpful questions, listen respectfully, and accept feedback. Players with good communication skills strive to be highly coachable as well as being able to communicate non-verbally, alongside encouraging and instructing their teammates clearly and confidently.

Take a look at what one player who has been through the 5Cs coaching process has to say on communication.