When one considers a player who is thriving in the game of football, then this is most probably a player who is highly motivated, able to regulate their emotions and their attention appropriately, and a player who has good interpersonal skills.

From the Field:
“You could tell straight away, when the coach set the players a challenge, they were motivated to achieve it. I’d say their commitment increased dramatically!” Academy Parent

At the core of the 5Cs is a player’s commitment. This motivational quality drives the player within their training and matches. It is characterised by players who show consistent effort, high quality preparation, and a desire for learning; players who focus on making self-improvements and value persistence in the face of setbacks. Having high levels of commitment holds the 5Cs together, because without the appropriate quality and quantity of motivation, the other Cs will not function effectively.

Click on the video below to hear one coach’s opinion on commitment.