The 5Cs are organised in a sequential manner that moves from focusing on the individual and their intrapersonal skills (commitment), to how that individual learns interact positively with others (communication), through to how the individual regulates their thoughts, emotions and interactions with others (concentration and control), in order to ultimately increase their sense of competence (confidence). As such the coach should seek to seamlessly work through each C one-by-one in that order, and over an extended period of time, to gain maximum benefit. For example, coaches at several professional clubs using the 5Cs have had great success with their players when they spent between 2 to 4 weeks on each ā€˜Cā€™ in turn. Once they reached the end of their confidence coaching, they simply went back to their commitment coaching and repeated the cycle for the remainder of the season.

Regardless of the duration you wish to spend on each C, the important feature, as with all learning, is that your 5Cs coaching is repeated constantly and returned to regularly, in order for the players to form good psychological habits. Just like learning to pass or dribble, it takes time and requires a conscious effort by you to work through the 5Cs and include the associated behaviours into your training sessions.