What is it?

Communication coaching is aimed at developing a player’s interpersonal skills and positive interactions with others. This is achieved by teaching verbal and non-verbal skills that form the processes of giving and receiving feedback as well as attending and listening to others.

What can I do?

The coach who looks to promote communication is a coach who specifically helps each player to become more skilled at giving and receiving information. This is a player who Helps, Encourages, Listens, Praises and Acknowledges others: A strong HELPA.

From the Field:
“I used to get told to communicate more, but I never knew what to say. Now I do! I even got into competitions with [another player] to see who could be the loudest and most helpful during trainings and matches to help us do better.” Under 13 Academy Player

The coach focusing on developing communication skills can utilise small-sided games that focus on ‘silent versus vibrant’ football, or practices where only a certain number of players can speak at any given time. Through this they can help players to develop a ‘team language’ whereby players create their own trigger words to help them perform defensive and attacking actions successfully. Players may also be given the responsibility to monitor the quality of their own communication, then feedback their observations to the squad, allowing them to build their self-reflection skills.

Take a look at what one player who has been through the 5Cs coaching process has to say on communication.