What is it?

Commitment coaching is aimed at creating a learning environment that fosters self-esteem, persistence and skill development in youth players. Your focus is on a player’s effort, their individual self-improvement and the encouragement you give to them to master skills at their own pace.

From the Field:
“You could tell straight away, when the coach set the players a challenge, they were motivated to achieve it. I’d say their commitment increased dramatically!” Academy Parent

Through this coaching, your players will begin to show an unconditional and strong work ethic, a sense of competence through effortful attempts, and persistence in the face of setbacks and mistakes.

What can I do?

The coach who looks to promote commitment creates an environment that values effortful engagement and self-improvement over comparisons with other players.

Practices they use will allow players to set goals for improvement (e.g. performing consecutive successful dribbles in a ball manipulation drill, in a given time, and then trying to beat it). They will give specific feedback and personalised recognition (e.g. “Tom, great first touch, good progress!”), as well as incorporating a review and reflection section allowing the players to comment on their effort in the practices/session. This allows them to identify and take ownership of areas that they want to work on in future sessions.

Click on the video below to hear one coach’s opinion on commitment.