The 5Cs

This section introduces you to the 5Cs, providing you with brief background information on each C, and examples of how your coaching can help to develop that particular C.

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Understanding the 5Cs

This section is an education and interactive learning zone. Here you will find educational content about the 5Cs spread across 5 learning modules aimed at enhancing your knowledge on each of the 5Cs, their behaviours, and strategies for implementing the 5Cs in your sessions. Modules can be taken in any order and completed in your own time, at your own pace. Upon completion you will receive access to downloadable workshops that you can deliver within your club to help pass on your 5C knowledge.

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Integrating the 5Cs

This section offers you practical 5C coaching examples to use within your training. These practices cover before, during and after training and are provided as either exemplars to print and use, or as stimulus to help you develop your own 5C sessions.

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Monitoring My 5Cs

This sections provides you with methods of monitoring and reflect your developing 5C coaching sessions, in order to plan future development in yourself and your players. You can also take the 5C coaching behaviour assessment to evaluate how much you currently integrate and encourage the development of mental skills in your coaching sessions.

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Working with my players

This section provides you with resources that you can use with your players and educate them about the 5Cs, and support the work you will be doing during training.

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Working with parents

This section provides you with resources that you can use to work with the parents at your club, and educate them about the 5Cs.

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