5Cs On The Field

Below are some of the clubs and organisations who have implemented the 5C development programme. Click on the respective logo to read an account of how each club, or organisation, have used the 5Cs or to download an example of some of their work using the 5Cs.

5Cs In Research

Below are examples of articles detailing the 5Cs in professional practice and in research. Click on the respective link to view the article.

FA Learning

Developing the 5Cs over the season: Planning psychological development, The Boot Room, Issue 13, August 2015 Maintaining Focus. The Boot Room, Issue 14, December 2015

Five Key Applications of the Mentally Skilled Coach. FA Insight Live, Issue 9, 2005

Harwood, C.G. (2008). Developmental consulting in a professional soccer academy: The 5C’s coaching efficacy program. The Sport Psychologist, 22, 109-133 Harwood, C.G., Barker, J.B., & Anderson, R. (2015). Psychosocial development in youth soccer players: Assessing the effectiveness of the 5C’s intervention program. The Sport Psychologist, 29, 319–334.