About the 5Cs

The 5Cs framework is represented by the skills and qualities of Commitment, Communication, Concentration, Control and Confidence. They are easy words to remember, they are user-friendly, and they purposely attempt to avoid ‘psychological jargon’ that can be off putting to some coaches, parents and players. The principles of each of the 5Cs, however, are built upon an extensive body of research in sport psychology, and youth sport psychologists work with these concepts on a regular basis in their practice. Importantly, we have employed this framework successfully with coaches and parents in youth academy football over a number of years, and we want to offer the opportunity to all youth coaches, parents and players to benefit from this knowledge.

Through this website, we will provide coaches and parents who have registered their interest with information on each of the ‘C’s. We define the ‘C’, explore some of the key behaviours in players linked to each ‘C’, and introduce the range of strategies that coaches, parents and players can employ to develop the ‘C’ through their training and matches. We have sections devoted entirely to parents and to coaches that offer the chance for them to truly optimise the psychological role that they can play with their son, daughter or squad member.

Our experience working in youth sport has taught us that coaches and parents benefit from guidance and knowledge with respect to sport psychology, and our objective is to enhance the confidence of coaches and parents in this respect. You play tremendously important roles in terms of the performance, development, health and well-being of a young athlete, and we hope that you find this website confidence-building and thought-provoking for your work.